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Three members of Mana Lions showing off the new Mana Lions information brochure

Mana Lions Organisational Structure

The Club is run by a President and a Board of Directors who are elected annually. To form the Board the Executive - comprising the President, Secretary and Treasurer - is joined by up to 3 Vice Presidents and a specified number of Directors (up to 4). The Lion Tamer and Tail Twister are optional members. Ex officio members of the Board could include the Club Almoner and Publicity Officer, neither of whom would have voting rights, unless the position is held by an elected board member. The Roles of each office are as follows:

PRESIDENT: The President is the club's Chief Executive Officer. He presides at all, Club, Board and Special meetings. The President appoints all committees of which he is an ex-officio member. With his Vice Presidents he ensures that the committees function well and in accordance with the constitution.

SECRETARY: The Secretary is the Presidents right hand man. Under the President and the Board's direction, the Secretary is the liaison officer between the Club, Lions International and the District Governor's organisation. As the correspondence officer, the Secretary submits monthly reports, keeps club records, including minutes and attends all appropriate zone meetings, with the President, as the club's official representative.

TREASURER: The Treasurer is the custodian of all club funds. He banks monies received and prepares budgets and such financial statements as necessary and disburses funds only upon the direction of the Board of Directors.

VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice Presidents, of which there are up to 3, oversee the functioning of the Committees. They attend all Board and special meetings, and will substitute for the President in his absence. As a rule the 1st Vice President will become President in the following year, subject to election. He generally oversees the Programme Committee. The 2nd Vice President oversees the Welfare/ Community Service Committee and the 3rd Vice President oversees the Projects Committee.

DIRECTOR: The Directors, of which there are up to 4, assist in the formulation and execution of the policies of the club. They attend all Board and special meetings and act as Chairman of each of the Committees.

LION TAMER: He is responsible for the clubs property. He ensures that the gong, gavel and club flags are displayed accordingly and that meal places are provided for members, visitors and guests. He records apologies and advises the caterer of meal numbers and attends all Board meetings.

TAIL TWISTER: He is the “Fine Master”. As such he imposes and collects fines in such a manner as to bring humour and generate good fellowship and maintain harmony within the club.

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: From his experience in office, The Immediate Past President is there to assist the new President in carrying out his duties.

Other titles which are sometimes used include:

GUIDING LION: A term not often used today. A Guiding Lion is a member of a club which has sponsored a new Lions Club. The Guiding Lion would assist the new executive and attend the first few club meetings and provide assistance with procedures etc. For example the Mana Club was sponsored by Porirua Lions. Our Guiding Lion was a member of Porirua Lions who subsequently joined us at Mana Lions.

LION AT LARGE: Any member can apply for “Lion at Large” status if they are unable to attend meetings on a regular basis, due to work commitments, overseas travel, sickness ,etc. A Lion at Large does not pay for meals, however his annual subscription and International dues are still payable. Generally this status is for a 6 month period, which can be extended on application to, and by the discretion of, the Board of Directors.

ALMONER: The Almoner informs the club of any member, or family member who has fallen ill or on bad times and acts as a liaison between the club and that person or persons to ensure that their needs are met by way of assistance and/or support.

SPONSOR: A Sponsor is a Lion who introduces a new member to Lions. He is responsible to see that the new member attends all tea meetings and committee meetings and quickly assimilates into the club culture.

Become a Mana Lion

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